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Big Brew Day

This past Saturday, the homebrew club I belong to spent a lovely day brewing variations on an IPA for the National Homebrewers Conference taking place next month here in Baltimore. In case you are interested, my variation to the base recipe used rye. And because “Pics, or it didn’t happen,” here are some of the pictures I took.

My Rye PA, using the brew-in-a-bag method

Club president getting ready to. sparge

This will turn out to be a very dark (ninja) IPA, using darker malts

Gravity setup for a wheat-based IPA

Jim Harrison

My favorite author, Jim Harrison, died last week. I thought I’d post the bookmarks I’ve collected over the years so I’d have them all in one place.

The Hammock Papers blog has a ton of great Harrisonia.

“Older Fishing”

Harrisonian Heroics

The Gospel According To Jim

Mario Batali Remembers Jim Harrison

Sketchbooked Talk


Talk by Randy Barnett at the University of Baltimore School of Law.

Poem of the Week


I sit down at a table and open a book of poems and move slowly into the shadow of tall trees. They are white pines, I think. The ground is covered with soft brown needles and there are signs that animals have come here silently and vanished before I could catch sight of them. But here the trail edges into a cedar swamp: wet ground, deadfall and rotting leaves. I move carefully but rapidly, pleased with myself.

Someone else comes and sits down at the table, a serious-looking young man with a large stack of books. He takes a book from the top of the stack and opens it. The book is called How to Get a High-Paying Job. He flips through it and lays it down and picks up another and pages through it quickly.It is titled Moving Ahead.

We are moving ahead more rapidly now, through a second growth of poplar and birch, our faces scratched and our clothes torn by the underbrush. We are moving even faster, marking the trail, followed closely by bulldozers and crews from the paper company. –Louis Jenkins

Apropos recent events

Self-righteous indignation is as powerful a self-doped addictive state as gambling, thrill-seeking or rage. – David Brin

Oskar Maria Graf

Came across this video and was immediately begeistert.  Watch all 5 episodes. Es lohnt sich.