Back in the olden days

Walking in to work this morning I noted that the Board of Regents for the University of Maryland is being held at my campus today. It reminded me of something that happened 26 years ago, a few months after I started. The story in the Baltimore Sun the next day says it all:

An animal rights activist in a full-body, yellow-feathered chicken suit shoved a cream pie in the face of poultry magnate Frank Perdue today during a wild demonstration at a University of Maryland Board of Regents meeting in Baltimore.

After a 10-minute chase around the University of Baltimore campus, police finally cornered the chicken impersonator and hauled her off to the Central District lockup, along with three other activists who interrupted the regents’ meeting.


Whatever happened to….?

I wonder whatever happened to old [virtual] friends, Sunni Maravillosa and John Venlet (Improved Clinch blog)?  One day their blogs are there, then they are gone.

Yearly post?

Haven’t posted in a really long time. Shame on me.  🙂   I’ll try to post a little more. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I’ll fire up my brew kettle and regale you with my attempts at brewing drinkable Weizen and Belgian-style beers.

In the meantime, check out  Books I Have Read page, which I have been updating on a regular basis.

Trip to Bavaria, teil 3 and 4 months after the fact

When I visit my relatives my trip, like Gaul, is divided into 3 parts. I usually spend the first part with my relatives in Oberammergau/Bad Kohlgrub, with a side trip to Munich. The second (usually short) part is spent with relatives near Augsburg. This year I saw the Augsburg relatives when they visited my aunt in Bad Kohlgrub, so I skipped that leg. I usually end my trip visiting another cousin and her husband near Mühldorf. In a bit of good fortune, one of her sons was having his son baptized that weekend, so I was able to go to that.

The family gathered outside the chapel











The Taufe was held in a itsy bitsy chapel within walking distance, so we walked.

Walkin' to the chapel ...
Walkin’ to the chapel …









The ceremony was lead by a deacon and not a priest and was absolutely lovely. Afterward, we gathered at my cousin’s son’s house for some Leberkas and Alte Liebe

Taufe Lorenz  18.10.2014 025
Mmmmm, Leberkas u. Kartoffelsalat.










My last evening in Bayern was spent at the Unertl restaurant in Mühldorf, where we had a lovely dinner, great conversation, and a Weissbierlikör that was pretty amazing.

A Weizen and a weizen Likör. Guess which is which?
A Weizen and a Weizen likör. Guess which is which


A too short interlude… Part One

Back in mid-October, I visited my relatives in Oberammergau, Bad Kohlgrub, and Oberflossing. The occasion for my visit was to see my aunt (my mom’s sister), who isn’t getting any younger. And while talking to her on the phone is nice, talking to her over coffee and one of her homemade cakes is even better.

I got in to Munich at 7 am and by 10 am, my cousin Klaus had me hiking in the fields near Mittenwald:

Mittenwald - Lower Kranzberg
Mittenwald – Lower Kranzberg

Afterwards, we went to Oberammergau for lunch and to drop off my luggage at his house.

Where I spent most of my time – Oberammergau
I stayed in the house just to the left of the sign. It’s a bit hidden by the tree.

The next day, I went to see my aunt in Bad Kohlgrub. I brought along a beer I had brought with me from my homebrew cellar for her to try. From the look on her face, I’m not sure she liked it.

My godmother and me.
My godmother and me.