More February books

I finished two more books last week. The first was, Hemingway’s Boat: Everything He Loved in Life, and Lost, by Paul Hendrickson. I picked this up last May at the Ivy Bookshop and took it with me when my wife and I went on a short staycation to Annapolis and Frederick. I’m not sure why it took me nearly nine whole months to finish it. It’s well written and is chock full of interesting stories of Hemingway and the people whose lives he touched – not only his wifes and sons (especially Gigi), but others whom you may never have heard of, like Walter Houk. It’s a fascinating book, full of stuff I didn’t already know. If you are in any way interested in Hemingway, I recommend that you grab yourself a copy.

The other book I finished  was, Deceived, a mystery by Randy Wayne White.  White’s been in somewhat of a slump the past couple of books (since Deep Shadow), so much so that I’d never gotten more than 50 pages into them before putting them aside. This one held my interest from page one and I didn’t put it aside until reading the last page, finishing it in a day. Having a foot of snow outside and temperatures well below freezing was good for something, I guess.


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