Recently read

I don’t know what is up with my attention span, but I haven’t been able to finish many books lately. In fact, I’ve only read 3 books since New Years:
1. Spenser and Travis McGee: The Trafalgar Square Bomber by Bill Rayburn. This is a self-published fanfic tale starring two of my favorite private eyes. It’s an okay effort, as far as these thing go. The writing and plot is better than the official holiday novel, Silent Night: A Spenser Holiday Novel that came out last fall. But it is nowhere near as good as any of the original Spenser novels nor the ones done by Ace Atkins, Lullaby and Wonderland. Mr. Atkins has done a masterful job at capturing the tone and the style of the Spenser universe.

2. Brown Dog, by Jim Harrison. This is a collection of novellas featuring Harrison’s beloved character, Brown Dog. All but the last story have appeared in other novella collections.  I’m a big Jim Harrison fan, so I got the book even though I have read the other novellas.

3. Great Plains, by Ian Frazier. What a marvelous book. If Nelse, a character in Jim Harrison’s, The Road Home, had written a book about his travels, this is the book he would have written. Reading it, I wanted to pack up my car and drive out to see the places Frazier was describing. Add an interesting mix of plains Indian history and you have yourself a potent book.


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