Must add to my ‘must read’ pile

Paul Wilson favorably reviews Orderly and Humane: The Expulsion fo the Germans after the Second World War by R.M. Douglas. Given my family’s history, this will jump to the top of my ‘must read’ pile:

  • “From May 1945 until well into 1947 and often beyond, millions more German residents of Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary … were stipped of their citizenship and their properties, and driven from their homelands, on foot or by cattle car, with no more than what they could carry, to the occupied zones of a devasted Germany.”


One thought on “Must add to my ‘must read’ pile

  1. Sounds interesting; you should post your review when you are done. 🙂 My great-grandfather’s family was German but immigrated to the US from Moravia. I always wondered what became of the rest of his relatives who stayed there.

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