Recollected Reading 2012

Tamar Adler – An Everlasting Meal

Friedrich Ani –

1. Süden und die Schlüsselkinder.

2. Süden und der Mann im langen schwarzen Mantel.

Ace Atkins

1. Lullaby – a Spenser novel

2. The Lost Ones

3. Crossroad Blues

Black Book of Communism

Suzanne Collins

1. Hunger Games

2. Catching Fire

3. Mockingjay

John Gierach – Sex, Death, and Fly Fishing

Gabrielle Hamilton – Blood, Bones, and Butter

Jim Harrison (rereads)

1. The Great Leader

2. Songs of Unreason – poems

3. The English Major

Stephen Hunter

1. Soft Target

2. Time to Hunt

Tony Judt with Timothy Snyder – Rethinking the Twentieth Century

Robert Parker –

1. Edenville Owls

2. Chance

3. Mortal Stakes

4. Early Autumn

5. Small Vices

6. Paper Doll

7. Potshot

8. Sudden Mischief

W.G. Sebald – Vertigo

L. Neil Smith – Sweeter than Wine

In Pursuit of Spenser – Essays on Robert Parker’s Spenser

Great Books Series:

1. Rousseau’s – Social Contract

2. Adam Smith – Theory of Moral Sentiments

3, The Eumenides


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