German Literature Month

Thinking about participating in German Literature Month?  Check out Love German Books for details. My reading list for the month:

German Literature:  Sunset, by Klaus Modick

Crime Fiction: Gottes Tochter, by Friedrich Ani

From Austria and Switzerland:  Der kurze Brief zum langen Abschied, by Peter Handke

German Classics: Erfolg, by Lion Feuchtwanger or Lausbubengeschichten by Ludwig Thoma

Update: I forgot to mention that the folks responsible for German Literature month are Lizzy’s Literary Life and Beauty is a Sleeping Cat. You should check out their blogs for more info, not to mention great suggestions on what to read.


4 thoughts on “German Literature Month

  1. Hello and thanks for letting people know about our even and – of course – for joining us. We have great giveaways as well, one also with books in German with the Deutscher Buchpreis short list.
    You got a nice selection, books that have not been chose so far. I’m reading Klüssendorf’s Das Mädchen and like it a lot.

    (Please delete first comment, I messed up my name)

    1. Hi Caroline. Thanks for commenting and for putting the event together. This event is giving me the opportunity to finish books that have been on my shelf for awhile. I took the Handke book on my honeymoon 21 years ago and never got past the first chapter, for example. 🙂

  2. funny – I occasionally attend an American Literature event at the Amerikahaus here in Munich – the last book the reading group discussed was Jennifer Egan’s A visit from the Goon Squad. I enjoyed it a lot, both reading it and listening to how other peoople interpreted it.

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