Recent reading:

If anyone cares:
by Lion Feuchtwanger. Well done novel tracing the rise of the Nazis in
and around Munich. The chapter satirizing the Oberammergau Passion
Play is kind of funny.
Why You Should Read Kafka Before You Waste Your Life, by James Hawes. If you like Kafka, or if you think you know all about him, you should read this book. Picks up where Kundera’s essay in Testaments Betrayed leaves off.
Night Vision, by Randy Wayne White. Solid effort by one of my favorite mystery writers.
Darker Than Amber  & The Long Lavender Look, both by John D. MacDonald. Light reading by the mystery writer with whom I share a birthday.
Encounter, by Milan Kundera.  I love how he writes and how he makes me reflect about things, much like my favorite writer, Jim Harrison.
The Big Short, by Michael Lewis. I wanted to learn about the ‘why’ of the recent financial debacle and this book helped.
Selected Poems, by D.H. Lawrence. I’m a sucker for good poetry.
The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart: A Poetry Anthology, eds. Robert Bly, James Hillman, and Michael Meade.  Oh. My. God.  Great selection of poems. I love this book. Really love it.
Outwitting Trolls,
by William G. Tapply. Sad to say that this will be the last Brady Coyne
mystery.  Tapply was a pretty solid writer and his lawyer/detective,
Brady Coyne, is a decent person whom I would love to have hung out with.


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