Spinach spätzle


300 g. mehl/flour
450 g  Rahmspinat (creamed spinach)
3 eier/eggs
salt, pepper, nutmeg

Make spätzle: mix above ingredients until the dough is smooth; use a spätzle maker (a colander works okay) and grate over a pot of boiling water. When the spätzle rises to the surface, wait 30 seconds and transfer to a plate/bowl/storage utensil.

Saute some diced bacon/prosciutto in a knob of butter until almost crispy (or cooked to your preferred level of doneness), add a little heavy/whipping cream and the cooked spätzle. Stir and serve.

Thanksgiving variation – substitute some pureed pumpkin (canned okay) for the creamed spinach.


3 Responses

  1. I’ll have to try this – I need to get better with my Bavarian cooking skills.

  2. @Emily. Just so you know, an Aventinus goes great with this. 🙂

  3. […] for 7 hours. Spätzle went really well with it.  To make the spätzle, follow my recipe for Spinach Spätzle, substituting canned pumkin (450 grams of pureed, cooked pumpkin works just as well, but is more […]

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